How to Keep Your Indoor Air Clean

Most men and women who spend most of their time at home are not aware that their health is at risk due to indoor air pollution. This may not be a big burden for healthy people at first, but for people suffering from upper airway diseases such as asthma, it can sometimes be a problem of life or death. Improving indoor air quality does not require complex steps. nor does it have to be expensive. To know more tips about indoor air quality, go to

Clean Regularly

When dust accumulates in the home, pollutants and substances also get. Sweep or vacuum the floor and carpets at least twice a week. Choose a vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter to make sure dust is not sucked into the drain and remember to wash the filter as well. Not only should the floor be cleaned, but also the walls, furniture, and appliances. If you live in a country like the Philippines, where electric fans are often used, you should make sure to wash the filter at least once or twice a month. Then ask an air conditioner to wash all your equipment a couple of times a year and keep it for you.

Keep Moisture Under Control

The humidity should be less than 50% to prevent mold growth and control pollutants. You can use a dehumidifier if you want, but the simple approaches to moisture control are to remove water leaks from the ceiling or maybe under the sink.

Observe Proper Ventilation


Correct ventilation means removing contaminated air from inside the house and letting in the fresh air. The easiest way to do this is to open the windows. You should do this, especially if you paint, cook, clean, or use anything. Install air vents in outdoor units that need them, if possible.

Use Natural Fragrances

Many women and men use perfume to make their kitchens, bathrooms, clothes, and not just their hair fresh and clean. In addition to opening windows, letting in dangerous chemicals, and letting in the fresh air, they use an alternative, completely natural products to keep the smell clean and new in the house. Prepare your natural deodorant with chopped oranges and herbs such as lavender and bleach. A beeswax candle is just another product that can help eliminate bad smells.